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Steff Houlberg (Nikel)
Fastfood restaurant «STEFF HOULBERG» in Nikel.   Added: 04.09.15, hits: 234, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Antikafe "Heat!"
Fitted place to socialize with friends, desktop or active play, art, cinema, family entertainment, school, work, meetings and business meetings. A place where only pay for the stay, and the rest - for free!   Added: 10.03.13, hits: 1241, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

Cafe Emelya
Cafe Emelya - a cozy room, the interior in the Russian style, a traditional Russian cuisine and modern standards of quality.   Added: 05.03.11, hits: 1565, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

Cafe "Summer"
About cafe. Events. The menu. Services. A feedback.   Added: 21.06.07, hits: 3008, per week - 4 | Modify | Delete

Cafe "Old violin" (Monchegorsk)
Menu. Culinary recipes. Competition descriptions conducted in cafe. Guests opinion.   Added: 28.01.03, hits: 2185, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Cafe "Amber" (Apatity)
Cozy city café, located in the center of the city of Apatity. The cafe presents a variety of European and Japanese dishes. Cafe provides booking services, delivery, catering.
http://кафе-янтарь.рф   Added: 27.02.13, hits: 541, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Cafe "SUMMER" - a modern, democratic cafe. Every day we strive to show our visitors that we love to cook tasty food, brewing great coffee, create a cozy atmosphere and quality service of our guests. Cafe "SUMMER" - it is now the summer in the arctic circle, which can last all year round!   Added: 14.01.12, hits: 862, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Murmansk Internet-shop of sushi
Wide range of products of the Japanese, Korean and traditional kitchen: sets of a sushi, the Korean salads and the snack, traditional salads and snack. An opportunity of the order by phone and through the Internet.   Added: 07.04.07, hits: 4179, per week - 6 | Modify | Delete

Компания «Ресторанный Синдикат» в составе холдинга «Евро-Линия» с 2000 года. Девелопмент, управление торговой недвижимостью, управление сетью супермаркетов премиум–класса «Сити-Гурмэ», ресторанный бизнес.   Added: 31.01.17, hits: 84 | Modify | Delete

Restaurant complex "Iceberg"
Great for weddings, anniversaries, graduations and corporate events, children's parties, romantic dates, and other celebrations.
http://айсберг   Added: 22.03.14, hits: 483, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

ALKO.RU Liquor store."Pyatnitsa" Pub. new
14 liquor stores in Murmansk and Murmask region. A wide range of branded alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from around the world, affordable prices, regular promotions and special offers. In "Pyatnitsa" Pub more than 100 varieties of draft beer of famous Russian and foreign breweries (including craft beer); a huge selection of strong alcohol, hot dogs and burgers Sibylla, hot dishes. Sports broadcasts, modern design and attentive staff.   Added: 21.09.18, hits: 93, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Service delivery of ready meals (The other)
Chibbis service of food delivery. More than 200 cafes and pizzerias, restaurants, more than 30 cities, is available for order. More than 5000 dishes on the menu institutions. Customer feedback about the quality of the ordered food and speed of delivery.   Added: 30.07.17, hits: 41 | Modify | Delete

Sports bar "Finish"
Sports bar "Finish". Direct translation of sports events. News. Photos.   Added: 28.11.05, hits: 2657, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

Sushi-bar Kai
Суши, роллы, супы и другое. Заказать на дом через сайт. Выгодные условия доставки.   Added: 24.04.16, hits: 277, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

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